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A little walk is good for reducing depression risk...

mental models Aug 28, 2022


We all know a bit of exercise helps our mood.


I'm not typically a fan of systematic reviews or meta-analyses (to me they just rehash original papers that may or may not be that great in the first place) any case...this one seems fairly robust...CLICK HERE


2.5hours/week of walking can reduce depression risk a bit.

But a bit is sometimes what we need to make a start on our recovery journeys.


Several of my patients struggle to get out of bed.

Using a behavioural activation approach.

I tell them to just focus on getting one foot out of bed...then the other foot...then sit get the picture.


2.5 hours a week = 0.35hr a day = ~21 minutes walking a day = maybe 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon


Walking around the neighbourhood to get your 20 minutes seems like a big enough hurdle but at least we know that there's a point for doing it!



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