Intuition or information - which is best for decision making?

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2022

Ex-sec of state Colin Powell, had a rule of thumb, approaching situations requiring a prompt decision to be made.

He tried not to make a decision unless he had at least 40% of the information and then made a decision when he had nearly 70% of the information.

“When you have about 70% of all the information, you probably ought to decide, because you may lose an opportunity. My own experience is that you get as much information as you can and then you pay attention to your intuition, to your informed instinct. Sometimes what my analytical mind says to me is not what I’ll do.”

🧠I would add a CAVEAT: * I think intuition is useful if you have competency in a particular area of expertise but far less reliable if you don't - even if you have 40-70% of the information at your disposal.✨

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