Shared values isn't always the best thing

🛑WARNING: Contrarian readers only 📢


Can shared values and ideas harm mature organisations? 🤔


One might think it shouldn't it can.


Sometimes the wisdom of crowds is in fact stupid.


The wise crowd is an organism where the constituent parts work and think independently.


In the absence of lose diversity of thought and information.


The chance of staying innovative decreases.


People start to make decisions based on the actions of others in the organisation rather than their own.


So, in times of crisis, large complex systems that has all its parts linked in rigid fashion will fail to adapt. 💢


You'll often observe chain reactions resulting in unfavorable outcomes.💫


Independent thinkers leave the organisation...which increases homogeneity ⬆and with that you have decreasing adaptability ⬇


You know how the story ends. You have what we call an information cascade that ends in what I call an avalanche.


Celebrate and foster independent thinking...lest your organisation succumbs to groupthink.








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