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Where there's smoke...there's...🔥

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2022

 Misbehaviour/challenging behaviour is smoke. Follow it down to where it originated. There you will find where the trouble is. 


We spend too much time tending to the smoke. Think of misbehaviour as a signal (like smoke) that there’s a problem somewhere to be solved. 


And by problem I mean a mis-fit between demands/expectations placed on a child, and the child’s ability to deal with those. 


We have to address both things i.e. (1) the demand may need to be adjusted and (2) what skills does the child need to be able to deal with the demand


Remember if kids could do well, they will do well


Children, like everyone else do not deliberately cause trouble for themselves though it sometimes appears that way. It’s part of our role to help our children deal adaptively to problems they face. 

It's hard to raise emotionally sensitive kids.

But you don't have to feel so stuck. 

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Although we can't control the world or their feelings we can be positively influential and do away with the friction in your interactions with them.


The way to do that is through empathic connection and I want to give you some keys to help you get on track and stay on track. 


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