The Practice of Empathic Discipline (Audio Course)

Parenting and teaching kids is not for the faint of heart...


  • does it feel like sometimes you're constantly in the midst of a power struggle?
  • does it feel like you're having to shout and yell (or worse) to get compliance?


You are not alone! If you're here; you want your kids to thrive and I want to show you that you have what it takes. 


To discipline means 'to teach' and build character. I'll show you how you can use emotional intelligence and empathy to reduce frictional forces and gain collaboration.


The 'Practice of Empathic Discipline' audio course gives you a framework for discipline


  • that strengthens your relationship with your kids
  • increases compliance because they'll become more connected with you
  • improves their decision making skills
  • improves self-sufficiency
  • develops their social reading and empathic skills


All because of you. 


And, you'll save time, energy and a world of headaches. 


Become the parent you want to be.




Become your student's favourite teacher! 

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The Practice of Empathic Discipline


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