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*If you really want to supercharge your parenting prowess - I recommend adding the sister course 'Connecting with Anxious Children'. This digs deeper into the details of how you can develop stronger connections with your anxious child and then supercharge your results as you guide them using the framework from the 'Empathic Guidance' Course.

All this for less than the cost of an hour consult with a psychiatrist! And the best part is that the material will keep growing and improving as long as I'm still alive! And you only pay one price!

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Guiding Anxious Kids with Connected Parenting: Full payment

Take the guesswork out of disciplining your sensitive kids, through empathic connection. 

What you get:

  • Audio-based Course with LIFETIME access
  • Post your questions and we'll answer them in the course
  • Worksheets, templates, cheatsheets to consolidate knowledge and skill
  • Ebook upon completion of the course


What People Are Saying:

As a parent of two - one highly sensitive and the other, anxious - I have found Dr Tan’s podcasts truely helpful. His content, tips and advice is authentic, informative and teaches you how to think ‘outside the box’ with regards to handling the emotional chaos that comes with parenting. The courses offered by Dr Tan via the Huddle Wisdom have also been fantastic at providing those practical steps to put what is learnt into ‘practice’. I have found that pretty much all of the stories and situations discussed really resonates with me and I’m sure so many others out there. Overall, it’s been amazing having this content at my very fingertips !

Phelia T, Digital Marketing Specialist

Davin's course, Empathic Guidance for Anxious Sensitive Kids, has been a game changer for my parenting. These days there's so much parenting advice on the internet, but it can be difficult to know what's good advice and what's not. It gets even more confusing when different sources of information contradict each other. Davin's course outlines a solid foundation for parenting. I love his emphasis on nurturing the relationship between parent and child. This caring approach just 'feels right'. The course doesn't teach a bunch of parenting tricks or hacks to get your kids to act the way you want. Instead, it outlines a parenting philosophy that can be adapted to different situations. This has given me heaps more confidence in my parenting. When faced with a parenting challenge, I now approach the situation by asking myself "what would a Huddle Wisdom parent do?"

Dr Andrew Manning, General Practitioner

I have been using and recommending the course and resources "The Practice of Empathic Discipline" with many of the families I work with in private practice. The resources are informative, easy to understand and include such practical exercises and activities. Feedback from the families I work with is that these resources have been helpful particularly for parents of children with ADHD.

Ilia Lindsay, Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Lead at Komodo

I bought the ‘Practice of Empathetic Discipline’ course after listening to the Huddle Wisdom podcast and reading Davin’s blog. Having empathy for your children sounds like a no-brainer, so I was keen to learn how to incorporate the concept into how I discipline my three kids. I was happy to see that Davin outlines a systematic approach that’s pretty easy to remember and employ in different parenting situations. I’ve read quite a few other parenting books and articles in the past, which were all valuable but left me feeling like I owned a collection of disconnected methods and ‘tricks’. Probably the biggest thing I’ve taken way from the ‘Practice of Empathetic Discipline’ course is I now feel that Davins' concept of ‘empathetic parenting’ will be the underlying foundation for every other parenting resource I use. It’s something I can fall back on during those emotional storms when everything else goes out the window. I only wish I had been given Davin’s work at the beginning of my parenting journey.

Van Taylor, Environmental Educator