$97.00 NZD

Guiding Anxious Kids with Connected Parenting: 1 Year Term

Compassionate Discipline with Empathy


What if you had a system of unifying principles to help you take the stress and anxiety out of disciplining and raising kids who are emotionally sensitive?

Save time, energy and a few headaches so you can perform at your best.

While building stronger connections with your kids. 

What you'll get:

  • Audiobased Course with 1 year access
  • Post your questions and we'll answer them in the course
  • Worksheets, templates, cheatsheets to consolidate knowledge and skill
  • Free Ebook upon completion of the course modules


What People Are Saying:

As a parent of two - one highly sensitive and the other, anxious - I have found Dr Tan’s podcasts truely helpful. His content, tips and advice is authentic, informative and teaches you how to think ‘outside the box’ with regards to handling the emotional chaos that comes with parenting. The courses offered by Dr Tan via the Huddle Wisdom have also been fantastic at providing those practical steps to put what is learnt into ‘practice’. I have found that pretty much all of the stories and situations discussed really resonates with me and I’m sure so many others out there. Overall, it’s been amazing having this content at my very fingertips !

Phelia T, Digital Marketing Specialist

Davin's course, Empathic Guidance for Anxious Sensitive Kids, has been a game changer for my parenting. These days there's so much parenting advice on the internet, but it can be difficult to know what's good advice and what's not. It gets even more confusing when different sources of information contradict each other. Davin's course outlines a solid foundation for parenting. I love his emphasis on nurturing the relationship between parent and child. This caring approach just 'feels right'. The course doesn't teach a bunch of parenting tricks or hacks to get your kids to act the way you want. Instead, it outlines a parenting philosophy that can be adapted to different situations. This has given me heaps more confidence in my parenting. When faced with a parenting challenge, I now approach the situation by asking myself "what would a Huddle Wisdom parent do?

Dr Andrew Manning, General Practitioner