Solving misbehaviour with compassion and empathy

[LESSONS for Parents and Educators]


 the course formerly known as

'Foundations of Emotional Literacy'

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You try really hard to help your students and kids succeed right?


But emotional demands of modern life gets overwhelming sometimes.


Can you really make a difference? 


Yes you can.


 Learn how to tune in to kids so they tune in to you

  • Learn how to help your kids increase social awareness

  • Learn how to help your kids improve emotional regulation 

  • Learn to help kids become better problem solvers

 So you get... 

  • Less friction in your relationship with kids

  • Enrich your relationship with your kids

  • Mutual respect and understanding

  • Demystify emotional challenges

  • You’ll feel less burnt out and less stressed

  • More harmony at home and in your classroom (this improve learning outcomes)