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Episode 093: The Day I Abandoned My child

Welcome to our podcast, where we delve into the personal journey of a forensic psychiatrist and father who faced his own demons.

This is a story of a man who, despite his professional expertise in human behavior, found himself in a situation that shook him to his core and led him to introspect deeply about his life and priorities. In this podcast, we explore a haunting incident - a day when he left his young, anxious daughter alone in a bustling school car park.

Overwhelmed by professional commitments and personal responsibilities, he made a choice that he would regret deeply. The guilt and shame of this incident led him to a depressive episode, forcing him to confront his shortcomings as a parent.

This transformative experience led him to prioritize his family over everything else and develop a framework to safeguard his children from his own flaws. This framework, initially intended for personal use, turned out to be a powerful tool that had a positive impact on his family.

In this podcast, we discuss the importance of equipping oneself with certain frameworks of thinking to overcome personal flaws and limitations. It's not about the specific framework - you can develop your own or use other systems.

The key is to have a system in place. Join us as we navigate through this deeply personal story and explore the systems he developed for the wellbeing of his family:

1. [Connecting with Anxious Kids](https://www.huddlewisdom.com/foundationsofconnection )

2. [Empathic Guidance for Anxious Kids](https://www.huddlewisdom.com/practice)

Remember, no matter how daunting parenting may seem, you've got this. All you need is a system. Tune in to our podcast and embark on this enlightening journey with us. Thank you for listening.


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