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Hi, I'm Davin.

Raising kids is not straight forward.

If your parenting confidence is low or you're a teacher anxious to connect with your students.

Get the tools to simplify the path and ease your child rearing struggles

Let's huddle!

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Psychiatrist | Family guy | Ramen eater

In my work as a child and forensic psychiatrist I see the curve balls that life throws at families.


 Life isn't straight forward. You don't need to be a psychiatrist to know that...


 You work hard to make kid's lives better but to stay connected in our digital age is getting harder.


 How can you help your kids make good choices in life?


 With empathy, connection and compassion, you can help your kids grow into their best selves.


I've distilled years of extensive clinical practice into simple concepts for you.


So you and your loved ones will thrive

(but don't take my word for it... you can read testimonials from some folks I've helped)


Join me. Let's huddle!

What I think of you folks

"Dr Tan is an excellent psychiatrist. He truly listens and and is very personable. His knowledge is remarkable and I have been greatly helped by him."

- AS

"Dr Tan is a game changer! I went from struggling student to taking on an extra subject at University! I found him to be open minded and on the cutting edge of latest treatment techeques. I'm in control of my mind and in charge of my future! Thank you Dr Tan"


"Dr Davin has helped my family beyond words. He listens and his expertise is the best. He has helped us, being me and my two grandsons have the best life possible. He is available, kind, caring and understanding. He isn’t flippant re meds, rather the opposite and involves the family as they are experts in the child. As in my case. I think if you are able to engage this amazing Dr then you are on the way to a better life. I highly recommend Dr Tan and can’t thank him enough for his help on our journey. And trust me, it’s a very very complex one."

- TH

"Softly spoken yet he told me things that I didn't realize about myself. I recommend him if you need to have a look into your own mind. 5 star"

- XB

"Davin Tan is an amazing clinical psychiatrist who I can't recommend enough. He has a great podcast Huddle Wisdom which shares great Insight Into human connection and empathy - definitely worth a listen no matter where you are on your mental health journey"


"I've struggled at times with the kids; trying not to yell for example. And your latest podcast about empathy to build trust and the influence them was really really topical for me and helpful. Just want to say thank you. Just want you to know you are helping lots of people probably without you realising..."


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Sometimes kids have a hard time talking to you about things when they need the most help. Learn to use emotional intelligence and empathic connection to gain co-operation without the friction.