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Empathic Discipline for sensitive kids:

9 ways that make connections that transforms.


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Discover the secrets of connecting with sensitive kids in the ‘Foundations of Emotional Connection’ course

Builds on the Empathic Discipline course.

Learn how to:

  • Communicate with your kids in a way that makes them listen to you
  • Teach your kids how to be more socially aware and empathetic
  • Help your kids manage their emotions and cope with stress
  • Empower your kids to become better problem solvers and decision makers
  • Reduce conflict and tension in your relationship with your kids
  • Deepen your bond and trust with your kids
  • Foster mutual respect and understanding between you and your kids
  • Understand the root causes of emotional challenges and how to overcome them
  • Feel more relaxed and energized as a parent
  • Create a more peaceful and happy home environment"
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Make powerful connections with impact

If your kids won't talk to you, how are you going to help or support them?