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Sensitive kids are a gift, but they also need extra support.

You want them to thrive, to be happy, confident, and compassionate.

You want to be the best parent you can be, and guide them through their feelings.

You have to believe that you have what it takes.

I’m on the same journey as you.

Let's huddle and get wise together


What is HUDDLE WISDOM anyway?

...and how can it transform the lives of parents?

I'm a child and forensic psychiatrist. I know something about human behaviour. I thought it would make me a better parent given my training and experience. Nope.


Knowledge is useful but you don't get wise til you start parenting. I realised that childhood behavioural problems always happen in the context of relationship.


Which means parents can find the solutions to behavioral and emotional problems by using their connection with their kids. (Hence 'Huddle Wisdom').


Collaboration follows connection. It's not always easy to establish connection but it's more productive and better than screaming or slamming doors! 


I want to show you how it works. But you must be willing to acknowledge your mistakes, to self reflect, be humble and keep working on your relationships. 


I trust you'll come to learn as I have, that parenting isn't about what you do or don't do but who you must become.


It's never too late to start. Let's huddle and get wise, together.


Ready to huddle? Start with our free mini course. (Click link at top of the website)

"Dr Tan is an excellent psychiatrist. He truly listens and and is very personable. His knowledge is remarkable and I have been greatly helped by him."

- AS

"Dr Davin has helped my family beyond words. He listens and his expertise is the best. He has helped us, being me and my two grandsons have the best life possible. He is available, kind, caring and understanding. "

- TH

"Davin Tan is an amazing clinical psychiatrist who I can't recommend enough. He has a great podcast Huddle Wisdom which shares great Insight Into human connection and empathy - definitely worth a listen no matter where you are on your mental health journey"


"I've struggled at times with the kids; trying not to yell for example. And your latest podcast about empathy to build trust and the influence them was really really topical for me and helpful. Just want to say thank you. Just want you to know you are helping lots of people probably without you realising..."


Make powerful connections with impact

If your kids won't talk to you, how are you going to help or support them?