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Episode 025: The case for empathy and how to develop it

I was the naughty and loud kid at school...believe it or not. But I had a teacher who valued me - or at least I felt it. She empathised with me and I found a place in her class. I felt like I belonged because of her. You can hear more about that story her but I also talk about why empathy is so crucial for kids and how you can develop your empathic skills the Huddle Wisdom way, and make it your own. Intro music by Infraction (thank you!) To sign up for the Practice of Empathic Discipline Course go to: For FREE emotional storm toolkit (navigate emotional tantrums safely):


Become Influential

Sometimes kids have a hard time talking to you about things when they need the most help. Learn to use emotional intelligence and empathic connection to gain co-operation without the friction.