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Episode 032a: Teach your kids to see the good and bad in people (without the coughing!)

Sorry for last week's dog's breakfast of an episode. Coughing and spluttering is not really great to listen to. This is episode 32a. In the audio I said 31a, that's wrong. It's 32a. Sorry...again.

You can listen to episode 32 which does contain some good stuff if you can forgive me for the coughing but this one consolidates all that stuff into one basic principle.

I also mentioned my interview with Anita Nowak PhD which was really a lot of fun. WE talked about the principles of empathy and how we can cultivate this and make the world better.

Here's the link....

Here's is the link to the lecture about how to teach kids to empathise and become more compassionate influential people!


Intro and outro music by Infraction


Become Influential

Sometimes kids have a hard time talking to you about things when they need the most help. Learn to use emotional intelligence and empathic connection to gain co-operation without the friction.