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Episode 044: Parents vs. Doctors. Who is right?

These thoughts are my own. They are my opinion and doesn't constitute medical advice. I share my biased opinion here to generate discussion.


Who gets to make decisions about healthcare?...should it not be patients ?

Who gets to inform us of treatment options for medical treatment?...should it not be doctors?

What if parents disagree with doctors about what treatment they want for their child?...should it still not be the parent that makes the ultimate decision?

A recent case in NZ makes a real mess of things. Obfuscation of roles and blurring of responsibility etc. 

A short summary: NZ parents didn't want doctors giving their 4 month old child, blood from a COVID 19 vaccinated donor during a surgical procedure. Doctors asked one of our courts to hand over decision making rights to the doctors. Parents not happy about that.

Would you be happy about that too?




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