Discipline and

empathic parenting practices 

Parenting in the digital age is not easy. 


 There are so many distractions that compete for your kids attention. It can feel like you're losing touch with them.


You can feel guilty setting limits because it can feel like you're making them miss out on something. 


Do you feel cheated sometimes because your relationship with your kids is being eroded by technology that was supposedly going to make our lives better?


Well you don't have to keep feeling bad, sad or angry because we can help you win back your connections with your kids. 


Enter the 'Practice of Empathic Discipline' audio course:


 Form the kind of strong connection with your kids that lasts a lifetime.


You can help them master their emotions.


Through your connection you can teach them better decision making.


You can be the one true influencer who always has their best interests.


You don't have to rely on rewards, consequences or punishment to shape their behaviour because of the strong relationship you can foster.


 People will wonder what your secret is.


Once you grasp the practices of empathic parenting you no longer have to wonder what strategy or tactic to use because parenting will be more intuitive and natural.


Make the most of the short time you have with your kids before they grow up.


Strong connections and relationship makes you positively influential. 

Why Empathic Parenting?




One payment




Pay $67/month for 3 months


12 month access only


One payment for 12 month access



~ 3 hours total of AUDIO instruction split into small modules for easy digestion.

Listen on your devices with the app!

Download the worksheets if you want to consolidate your skills.

The Empathic Discipline E-book is FREE when you complete the course material.

Interact with your instructor on the course platform: Post questions for me to answer!


LIFETIME ACCESS or pay for a 1 year term

Pay a one time fee for the lifetime access...and you get the course for as long as Huddle Wisdom exists.

I'll keep improving and adding more content which you'll get for no extra cost.

IF the price of the course goes up in the future after you buy won't affect you if you've already bought it. 

If you choose the 1 year term, you'll still get plenty of value because what you'll learn is worth so much more than money (but I'm biased!)

Frequently Asked Questions


Van Taylor, Environmental Educator

I bought the ‘Practice of Empathetic Discipline’ course after listening to the Huddle Wisdom podcast and reading Davin’s blog. Having empathy for your children sounds like a no-brainer, so I was keen to learn how to incorporate the concept into how I discipline my three kids. I was happy to see that Davin outlines a systematic approach that’s pretty easy to remember and employ in different parenting situations.

 I’ve read quite a few other parenting books and articles in the past, which were all valuable but left me feeling like I owned a collection of disconnected methods and ‘tricks’. Probably the biggest thing I’ve taken way from the ‘Practice of Empathetic Discipline’ course is I now feel that Davins' concept of ‘empathetic parenting’ will be the underlying foundation for every other parenting resource I use. It’s something I can fall back on during those emotional storms when everything else goes out the window. I only wish I had been given Davin’s work at the beginning of my parenting journey.


Ilia Lindsay, Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Lead at Komodo

I have been using and recommending the course and resources "The Practice of Empathic Discipline" with many of the families I work with in private practice. The resources are informative, easy to understand and include such practical exercises and activities. Feedback from the families I work with is that these resources have been helpful particularly for parents of children with ADHD.

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