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Winning. The game of life.

#mentalmodels Sep 23, 2022

We cannot know with certitude, the outcome of decisions we make.


But we can think ourselves to inaction.


We play with permutations of the same problem and worry about consequences that may or may not come to fruition.


There are few sure things in life. We may feel better if we think in probabilities.


Your situation could stay unchanged if you do nothing but, that may be the right thing to do, if that is what you actively decide.


In the game of roulette; the chance of the house winning more than you over a series of consecutive bets is greater than 50%. This is a static thing. It doesn't change. (if you play and win. stop. if you play and lose. stop...because the house always the long run).


Here's the thing...


Life is not a casino. Probabilities of winning and losing are not fixed.


There are mental models and behavioural habits you can develop which skew the probability of success in your favour, if you play...

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