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Tips for Dealing with Backchatting Children

parenting Mar 26, 2022



If you're struggling with a child who seems to be backchatting you, it's important to remember that this behaviour is neither good nor bad – it's simply their way of communicating that they're struggling with the demands of the environment. Try not to take it personally; it's difficult not to be offended by the know-it-all attitude of a child, but it's important to remain calm and rational.

Here are some tips to help you deal with backchatting:

  1. Be the adult. Take a deep breath and avoid getting caught up in the argument. Nothing gets solved by escalating the situation.
  2. Set the tone in your household by establishing rules of engagement. Praise your children when they follow these rules, as this will reinforce the behaviour you want to see. It's better to acknowledge good behaviour than to scold bad behaviour.

Listen to Episode 008 on the Huddle Wisdom Podcast for a little more...Dealing with Backchatting.

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