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Sorry not sorry. Learn to apologise more.

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2022

I learn a lot from my patients. I catch myself saying things that I wouldn't normally say to myself, not because I don't believe them, but because I'm notoriously bad at following my own advice. 


The question I have for you and for me, is do you (I) apologize enough? I know that I don't do it as much as I should because doing so means taking responsibility for the bad things that happen, and also the good things that happen. I have to take ownership for acts of commision or ommision that have caused harm whether on purpose or inadvertently. There's something inherently difficult about that. Perhaps it offends our sense of what is just, right and wrong. But life is complicated, it's not black nor white. Saying sorry makes us feel vulnerable, exposed and I think the  willingness to be vulnerable signals strength in the end - I mention this not as a means to justify, but as observation. In the same vein, I want to forgive more. Isn't it tiresome holding on to past hurts and ugly feelings of resentment? Let's not be weighed down by such things; it's cold, it's stony and heavy; rather let's let go more of the things we can not control and grow forward together a little lighter now.  


I dive into this a bit more on the episode 13 of the Huddle Wisdom podcast. Come check it out. Sorry not sorry

It's hard to raise emotionally sensitive kids.

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