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Why is parenting getting tougher?

mental parenting May 01, 2023
Parenting feels like it's getting tougher in the modern age.
A few things are going on. This isn't nearly an exhaustive list here nor is this post complete but my observations are:
- we  have grown increasingly comfortable with comfort, thus the energy that parenting demands of us seems greater
- our children are constantly exposed to an endless stream of social media influences and influencers that I don't think are healthy. How do parents compete?
- there is pressure to push children towards independence too soon in my opinion. No wonder they grow more detached from their parents over time and more attached to their is then like the blind leading the blind.
- our appetite for 'more' money, freedom, experiences etc has increased. Our need for quick wins has increased. We want things fast. We have grown intolerant of natural states of boredom.
We need to reset.
Remind ourselves to slow down.
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