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Parenting Anxious Kids

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Understanding Neurodiversity: A Parent’s Perspective

As parents, we often traverse the intricate landscape of child-rearing, equipped with a blend of instinct, generational wisdom, and expert guidance. However, when it comes to comprehending neurodiversity, it can feel as though we’re venturing into unknown terrain. This is primarily because neurodiversity, a relatively novel concept, challenges conventional perceptions of neurological development. It encourages us to shift our viewpoint from viewing certain neurological conditions as ‘disorders’ to recognising them as merely different ways of perceiving the world.

Understanding neurodiversity can be intimidating due to its extensive scope. It encompasses a broad range of neurological differences, each with its distinct characteristics and challenges. As parents, it’s vital for us to learn about these differences to support our children and advocate for them in various social environments like schools and local communities.

So, What is Neurodiversity?


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