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Unveiling Our New T-Shirt Collection: A Nod to the Parenthood Journey

As parents, we often find ourselves in situations that are as chaotic as they are beautiful. We understand that raising children, especially those who are anxious or sensitive, can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride. But amidst all the ups and downs, there’s always room for a little humor and a lot of love.

When I was at university (college for my US audience) I started a t-shirt design company with a friend but life got too busy and I couldn't give it much time to actually get it off the ground. But lately I've felt inspired to resurrect it and designed a couple of t-shirts which I think Huddle Wisdom parents would be proud to wear.


And I think it encapsulates the sentiments I shared earlier. 


These t-shirts, available on Etsy, are not just about style, but also about expressing the shared experiences of parenthood. 


1. ‘Everything is Fine’ T-Shirt

Our first design features the text ‘Everything is Fine’ accompanied by an image of a serene whale surrounded by ducks paddling like crazy. This shirt is a gentle reminder that even when things seem chaotic and out of control, we’re still afloat, navigating the waters of parenthood.


  2. ‘Not Now’ T-Shirt

The second design showcases a sardonic cartoon whale, coffee in hand, uttering the words ‘Not Now’. It’s a humorous take on those moments when we’re juggling a million tasks and could use a little breather. This shirt is a nod to the unspoken words of busy parents everywhere. 


I hope these t-shirts will resonate with you. To me they offer little bit of comfort, a little bit of fash (sic), and a dash of  parental camaraderie. In my own humble huddle wisdom opinion, they’re a perfect way to add a bit of fun to your everyday wardrobe or even to gift to a fellow parent.


To view these designs and make a purchase, head over to our Etsy shop.


We hope these t-shirts bring a smile to your face and remind you that in the whirlwind journey of parenthood, you’re not alone.


Stay strong, keep paddling, and remember to laugh along the way!




Turmoil into Tranquility?


Meltdowns overwhelming you?


You’re not alone. Many of us parents grapple with our kids' intense outbursts, feeling a mix of frustration, helplessness, and guilt.

There is hope.


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Let me show you what I mean.


Join me in the complimentary video/lecture ‘Navigating Meltdowns: Aiding Your Child and Yourself Amidst Emotional Highs,’ where you’ll gain insights on:

  • The roots of meltdowns

  • Distinguishing between everyday issues and overwhelming meltdowns

  • Proactive measures to avert and mitigate meltdowns

  • Supportive responses to help your child during challenging moments

  • Essential recovery and bonding steps post-meltdown


This guidance is drawn from my dual expertise as both a parent and a psychiatrist.

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Meaningful Bonds for Lasting Influence


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