Supporting Anxious Children
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Parenting Anxious Kids

Expert Tips from a Child Psychiatrist


Travelling With Autism: A Psychiatrists' Tips

Picture this: You’re embarking on a family journey, the road stretching endlessly before you, treats within arm’s reach, and your beloved melodies filling the car. Suddenly, the peaceful ambiance is disrupted by a commotion from the backseat. Your child, who is on the autism spectrum, is grappling with the sensory bombardment of the journey. Amid the turmoil, you find yourself laughing at the paradox of your carefully orchestrated “calm” vacation morphing into a scene straight out of a farcical comedy.


Preparation is paramount. As the saying goes, fortune favors the prepared. Yet, no amount of preparation can completely eliminate discomfort. Nevertheless, you are capable, and you can create beautiful, meaningful memories with your children in the great outdoors.


Addressing sensory challenges during travel is crucial, as sensory overload is a common obstacle for children with autism.


There are several books available on Amazon that...

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Supporting Anxious Neuroatypical Kids at School

Imagine a student who is the epitome of decorum and respect in school, but at home, they transform into a whirlwind of emotions. This scenario is not uncommon for neurodiverse children who often remain unnoticed in educational environments. They are like hidden icebergs, their struggles concealed beneath the surface, invisible to those unfamiliar with their circumstances.


These children often employ a strategy known as ‘masking’, where they exert significant mental energy to conceal their difficulties. Sometimes it’s a conscious effort; other times, it’s an instinctive defense mechanism. Their objective? To blend in, to appear ‘normal’, to avoid being singled out.


Unfortunately, neurodiverse children are more susceptible to mental health issues. So, how can we support them? Let’s delve into some strategies.


Building Bridges of Empathy


The first step is fostering open communication between parents and educators....

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Meaningful Bonds for Lasting Influence


Struggling to communicate with your children?

Learn ways to support them even when words fail.