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The Art of Praising Children: Balancing Motivation and Humility

parenting praise May 04, 2022

Many of us believe that praising and complimenting children is a positive action, but did you know that there is also such a thing as unhelpful praise? How can we reinforce good behaviour without unintentionally overinflating their ego? How do we ensure that our approval isn't dependent on their performance? In this video, we've outlined four key ideas to help you navigate this tricky topic:

  1. Be authentic and genuine with your praise
  2. Connect with your children frequently, so they don't feel like your attention is based solely on their accomplishments.
  3. Avoid comparing your child to others
  4. Refrain from praising or commenting on aspects of their appearance or natural intelligence, as they have no control over these factors.

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Episode 084: dont be cringe when you praise your kids. Try this technique.

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