Supporting Anxious Children
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Parenting Anxious Kids

Expert Tips from a Child Psychiatrist


Games to Enhance Social Skills at Home

Strengthening Connections and Building Social Competence

As parents, we recognise the importance of nurturing our children’s social skills. These abilities not only enhance their interactions with others but also contribute to their overall well-being. Whether your child is neurotypical or neurodiverse, engaging in social activities can be both enjoyable and educational.

Role-Playing Conversations: This activity immerses your child in various scenarios, allowing them to step into the shoes of different characters. They’ll practice active listening and explore various conversational styles, fostering empathy and effective communication skills. It’s a fun way to experience different perspectives and understand the nuances of conversation.

“Would You Rather” Questions: This game is a catalyst for intriguing discussions! By posing thought-provoking questions like, “Would you rather explore outer space or dive into the deep ocean?” your child is...

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Meaningful Bonds for Lasting Influence


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